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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

99cts Lady of Luxembourg, Curse of the Lost Isle Book 3, by Vijaya Schartz

Lady of Luxembourg
Curse of the Lost Isle Book 3
Medieval Fantasy Romance by Vijaya Schartz
99cts in kindle for a few days

After a few days, the price gets down to $1.99, then back to the regular price.

"Vijaya Schartz has outdone herself with this masterly crafted work of fiction. Enter the world of Melusine the Fae, a Pagan, and Count Sigefroi, a Christian, as you travel back in time to the year 978 AD... and what a complex yet realistic world Ms. Schartz has created for the reader. Can a Pagan and a Christian reconcile there religious beliefs... will love conquer all? Find out for yourself and pick up this great read today" 5 stars on Amazon

"I read this fabulous book until late in the night. I can't add any more to the wonderful reviews it has already received, so I will agree that you must buy it for a believable and satisfying ride of entertainment!" 5 stars on Amazon.

Here is the entire series available in kindle: