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Monday, January 30, 2012

THE ARCHANGEL SERIES - by Vijaya Schartz

This is the kind of archangel you can relate to. Remember Michael, the movie? Well, this archangel is not as wicked but just as bad. On a modern backdrop, see what might be happening behind the scenes, as good and evil battle among us.

CRUSADER - Archangel Book One - by Vijaya Schartz
Published by Books We Love Ltd.

Michael Tanner, proud, brash, irreverent, half Native American, and single father, doesn't believe in aliens. When a Blue Angel claims to have fathered him, Michael knows his drinking has gone haywire... But a seductive Prince of Darkness born of a nightmare now targets Michael’s family. When his girlfriend disappears and characters from his dreams suddenly materialize to threaten his daughter, Michael must come out of denial and overcome his weaknesses, to face the unbelievable mystery of his birth and fulfill his unique destiny.

"...engaging and fast-paced... a harmonious mix of enticing story... where real people do extraordinary things... humorous and hopeful... fluid and entertaining... quick and often droll dialogue... a marvelous tale of good and evil..." The Charlotte Austin Review

"...Lavishly described, expertly written with stirring descriptions that take one's breath away. Author Schartz has written a solidly absorbing, old-fashioned science fiction novel of good and evil, yes and no, the one and the many." - The Book Reader

"...relationships, angels, aliens and seduction... even Satanism... kept this reviewer riveted... compelling fantasy... you won't want to put it down... superior... enthralls, and, at the same time, awakens!" - Metaphysical Reviews

"A mighty fine tale primed to read through in one sitting." - Curled Up With a Good Book.

CHECKMATE - Archangel Book Two - by Vijaya Schartz
from Books We Love Ltd.

To quench his vengeful lust for the Archangel who scattered his remains at the edge of the universe, the Reptilian ruler orders the sacrificial death of Michael's teenage daughter. Half human and a full-fledged Archangel on his father's home world, Michael and his mate must return to Earth to save his daughter from fiendish claws, and his native planet from enslavement or worse... But the way home is fraught with dangers, some more insidious than others. Nothing prepared Michael for the kind of trial he must face, when his rambunctious past catches up with him at the worst possible time...


"Sword-and-shield adventure... aliens and angels and dreams truer than life and depraved shapeshifters and evil sorcerers and parallel universes... Funny and sad and very intelligent." - The Book Reader

"Wickedly insightful. Grab this today along with the prequel, Archangel Crusader." - Five stars - Curled up With a Good Book

"...charm that keeps you reading... A fun piece of escapism... hours of sheer entertainment." - Rapport Magazine

"You will be hooked... a good read from start to finish." - Alan Caruba - BookViews

"Rollicks right along at a good clip... a fun concoction and a fast, zippy read... Really, this one is among the most pleasurable." - Writer’s Digest

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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Lois Greiman ~ Free Amazon Gift Card

This is how I envision Lieutenant Jack Rivera, the male protagonist of my latest mystery series.

And here are a few guys that readers have mentioned they think he looks like:

But I'm wondering, when you read, how clearly do you see the characters? Are they just a vague concept in your mind or are they as clear as vodka? If the plot is strong and gripping does it matter? Do you like to see the characters portrayed on the cover of the novel or does that just mess up your internal images of them?

I''ve recently published my 7th Chrissy McMullen mystery myself. And I'm wondering if readers see the characters like I do.

Here's a little information if you're not familiar with the series:

The Chrissy mysteries are about Christina McMullen, cocktail waitress turned shrink and her continuing relationship/battle with Lieutenant Jack Rivera, L.A.’s most sex-itating cop.
Rivera is in his late thirties. He’s Cherokee and Spanish, has a couple of moldering skeletons in his closet and is L.A.P.D. down to his short hairs. He’s divorced from a woman who was way too sweet for him, (unlike the smart-mouthed Christina) has a soft spot for his Mama and his dog, is smoking hot, and stab-in-the-eye exasperating.

The first 6 books were published by Random House so they designed the covers, but now that I've decided to orchestrate the 7th novel on my own the job of...well...everything...has fallen on my shoulders.

Here's the cover I'm currently using, but in this new techno world everything is so flexible. I could fairly easily change the cover at any moment. So what do you think, should I try to depict Chrissy and Jack on the cover or do I keep with the type of images Random House created for my books?

I'm giving away an Amazon gift card to one appreciated commenter.
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