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Sunday, November 22, 2015

Day 16 of the 20 Days of Tabor Heights Countdown -- you could be a winner!

Today is Day 16 in the countdown for the 20 Days of Tabor Heights scavenger hunt, celebrating the upcoming release of the 20th and FINAL book in the Tabor Heights, Ohio inspirational romance series by Michelle Levigne and Desert Breeze Publishing.

Don't know about the scavenger hunt yet?

Go to, click on the Tabor Heights tab, then click on the Contest folder for all the rules. There are 16 chances left to win one of the daily prizes (every other day actually ....) and to build up your total numbers to qualify for one of the grand prizes!

Today's featured book:

Go to the Tabor Heights Today blog ( to learn more about A QUIET PLACE, read about the previous featured books -- and come back every even numbered day to find out all the other books that you need to look for, up until December 24th.

Come play -- it'll be fun!

Thursday, November 12, 2015

20 Days of Tabor Heights -- the Scavenger Hunt!

Are you ready to start hunting through the Web?

We're about to launch a scavenger hunt that will stretch from November 14 through Christmas Eve, in celebration of the 20 books of the Tabor Heights series of inspirational romances.

Starting November 14, go to Michelle Levigne's web site -- -- and click on the Tabor tab, then the Contest page, to learn the rules.

Every other day, there will be a NEW Tabor Heights book to hunt for throughout Facebook and various blogs. (Even number days, a new book -- odd number days, report your results!) One winner will be chosen from the people who report where they found that day's book. A tally will also be kept of everyone who reports their findings each day, and the top three contestants will win an additional prize.

Check this video for more information -- and get ready to join the fun!!!