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Saturday, November 30, 2013

NEW releases in the Chorillan Cycle: BY FIRE AND STARS and CHORILLAN

Oaktara Publishers has released the third and fourth books in Michelle Levigne's Chorillan Cycle: BY FIRE AND STARS, and CHORILLAN. Available in print and e-book formats.

What are they about?

The Chorillan Cycle takes place in the Commonwealth Universe series of science fiction books, in what is termed the "present era." In the first two books, AZULI EYES and SCOUTS' PRIDE, we visit the colony world of Chorillan, meet Scout Captain Ian Fieran and his team, Miranda Riallon, a teacher, and learn about the mystery of Phase that drives children into the wilderness with sensory overload. Then, years later, Miranda dies of the same wasting illness that killed her father, and Ian returns to the Scout Corps, taking their daughter, Kay'li, with him to protect her from Phase. Kay'li grows up among the Scouts, learning to be a hero and to fight for what is right.

In BY FIRE AND STARS, we return to Chorillan, where Lucas Aidan, Kay'li's best friend, goes through Phase. His parents try to hide the truth and keep him hidden until Phase has passed, because of the prejudice and fear directed at Wildlings, the victims of Phase. A terrible accident separates Lucas from his family and he flees to the wilderness in fear and pain. He stays out there through two winters, longer than any child has survived -- or so the authorities think -- and learns about Chorillan from the Azuli. When he is finally captured and forced to return to civilization, he has a mission and a duty, given to him by the Azuli, other Wildlings, and Fi'in. Will he succeed?

In CHORILLAN, Kay'li returns to Chorillan leading a secret Scout team to investigate the truth about what causes Phase, who is generating the unreasonable fear and hatred of Wildlings and why, and bring justice to the colony. She and Lucas team up for the adventure of a lifetime, just as they had dreamed and vowed to each other as children -- but this adventure could cost them their lives.

Check out the rest of the Commonwealth Universe books and other worlds created by Michelle Levigne at her website:, or her two blogs: Living Proof ( or Tabor Heights Today (

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Noah's Ark discounted in kindle - by Vijaya Schartz

Chronicles of Kassouk - The Beginning - A Prequel
by Vijaya Schartz
From Desert Breeze Publishing

Also in print, and everywhere in all eBook formats for all devices
When Trixie's starfreighter drops out of jump space in an uncharted part of the universe, she believes the M class planet on her viewer represents hope and salvation for her motley crew and the ragtag settlers of Noah's Ark. Kostas, ex Space Marine, the expert survivalist recruited for this expedition, doesn't believe in coincidences, and knows that when something looks too good to be true, it usually is.

Everyone, on this voyage, is fleeing something, and harbors dangerous secrets... including Trixie, who vowed to never let a man control her life again. As for Kostas, the settlers would lynch him on the spot if anyone suspected who he is. But on this seemingly abandoned planet, others are watching, herding them for evil purposes... and when the truth emerges and secrets unravel, Trixie and Kostas will fight for survival, for freedom, and for the right to love...

Kostas glanced at the man’s retreating back and smiled at Trixie. "Captain, may I have a word?"
"Make it brief." She rubbed her gloved hands together.
"I took the liberty of loading two large pallets of weapons." Kostas pointed to the place in the column where he’d positioned them.
"How typical!" Trixie’s voice erupted loud and cutting, with a hint of exasperated sarcasm. "I specifically requested survival supplies only." She counted on her gloved fingers. "Livestock, food, medicine, tools..."
Her attitude sluiced Kostas like an icy shower. Tempted to clam up, he decided otherwise but struggled to keep his tone neutral and low. "You’ll need these weapons if whoever shot us down comes looking for us."
"We were shot down by automated defenses on the small moon." Trixie shook her head in obvious frustration. "No one manned the guns. We detected no ships in the vicinity."
Trusting his instincts, Kostas refused to capitulate. "Still..."
"Still what?" She took a quick breath. "You military types are all alike. Shoot first, think later. These pallets could have carried more food rations."
Kostas ground his teeth, then struggled to keep his voice civil. "I beg to disagree, Captain. Whoever built that moon station did it for a reason. Some advanced civilization staked a claim on this planet, and they may return at any time."
"If they ever return." Trixie’s visible efforts to calm herself failed as her voice rose again. "That battery of cannons might have been on the moon for centuries. That race may never come back, or not in this millennium. But without food, many of these people will die of starvation or related disease before the end of the winter."
"Hold it, Captain." Kostas wouldn’t let her blame him for doing the right thing. "We still might be able to get more rations tomorrow."
"Orders are orders, soldier." Her voice dropped to a quiet but threatening level. "I expect you of all people to follow them to the letter."
Kostas refused to apologize for his actions. "May I remind you, Captain, that we are not on your ship anymore. You have no authority on land, and I am the survival expert on this expedition."
She just stared at him, open-mouthed.
Afraid he’d say something he might regret, Kostas tightened his jaw and held Trixie’s glare without flinching. She didn’t flinch either. So much fire in those cool blue eyes. Damn! She was beautiful when angry.

The entire Chronicles of Kassouk in order


Vijaya Schartz
Blasters, Swords, Romance with a Kick

Sunday, September 1, 2013

BOREALIS IX - AKIRA'S CHOICE futuristic series novella by Vijaya Schartz

Novella by Vijaya Schartz
When bounty hunter Akira Karyudo accepted her assignment, something didn't add up. Why would the TPP want a kidnapped orphan dead or alive?

She will get to the truth once she finds the boy, and the no good SOB who snatched him from a psychiatric hospital. With her cheetah, Freckles, a genetically enhanced feline retriever, Akira sets out to flush them out of the bowels of the BOREALIS space station. But when she finds her fugitives, the kidnapper is not what she expects.

Markku, a decorated rebel soldier, stole his nephew from the authorities, who performed painful experiments on the boy. Stuck on Borealis, he protects the child, but how can he shield him from the horribly dangerous conditions in the lawless sublevels of the decrepit space station?

Akira faces the worst moral dilemma of her career. Law or justice, duty or love. She can't have it both ways.


Two thugs stalked away to follow the cheetah.

"Go after that cat and you're dead!" The strong baritone voice came from a tall man aiming a blaster at the two hoodlums.

He stepped out of the shadows, in full paramilitary gear. His left hand held a long knife. He sidled toward Akira, circling the thugs, who started to retreat at the sight of his blaster.

"Mind your own business." Akira didn't appreciate unwanted help.

The man stepped closer. "These goons know nothing about civilized rules of fighting. They want your body, your hide, your cat for its meat, and your armor and weapons."

"I know that." Who did this man think she was? A neophyte? "There is no honor in killing defenseless creatures."

"There is no honor in this place." His gaze skimmed the sorry lot holding an assortment of blades and clubs, some with protruding metal spikes. "Believe me, they are far from defenseless."

The thugs kept their distance from the blaster aimed at them, but they did not retreat.

"Still. I refuse to kill if there is another way." None of those rejects would threaten her individually, but their number could present a challenge. As more joined the group, she counted two dozen.

The louts glanced at one another with indecision. At least, they understood the warning. She was trained and dangerous. Not to be trifled with. They widened their half circle in front of her, still hesitating, but they held their ground. Chikusho.

In a few long steps, the stranger joined her side. From his walk and the way he held his weapons, she could tell he had military training. He didn't look like a TPP soldier, though. Something wild lurked in his clear blue gaze. A free thinker. A bounty hunter like her? Or perhaps a rebel?

"You look like you could use some help."

"Do I?" Unbelievable. "Why should I trust you?" She couldn't help the derision in her voice. "For all I know, you could be their leader, luring me into a trap."

He chuckled and shook his head. "I'm not one of them, and you are in more trouble than you know."

"Get out of my way." Akira clicked open the metal claws of her forearm braces then unsheathed a titanium short sword and adopted a defensive stance. "I work alone."

He laughed. "And I'm telling you, this is no place for a warrior from a distant past. Especially, one who cares about something as futile as honor.
Vijaya Schartz
Blasters, Swords, Romance with a Kick

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Virtually Dead at

New Commonwealth novel (SF) by Michelle Levigne. Get individual episodes for free by subscribing at Writers Exchange -- -- starting August 1. In January 2014, get the complete book with extra material/scenes. Khybor scientists enter cold sleep to hide from their enemies. 600 years later, the new civilization built above them is threatening their lives. Caspya must make contact and find allies to un-bury them before any more die -- but the only way to make contact is through animating the recently deceased.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Sunsinger at

Check out this 10-book YA science fiction series by Michelle Levigne, set in the Commonwealth Universe. An orphan boy becomes crew on a small starship and grows up to create the Scout Corps.

Michelle Levigne --

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

My Reluctant Highlander, Book #3 is OUT!

by Nancy Lee Badger

Writing a series can be tough, especially for someone like me who has never really tried. I decided early on that the plot idea, characters, and all that encompasses a new book would be too long for one book. I was right. Each of my three books in my Highland Games Through Time series are full-length novels.

I still have ideas! Though I wrapped up the story, i made sure to leave enough questions concerning the lives of many secondary characters to assure that I can come back to the story line, and write about them.

For now, I want to tell you more about MY RELUCTANT HIGHLANDER, Book #3 in my series.

Book Blurb
Skye has spent the last five years trying to forget the blacksmith who followed her back to 16th century Scotland, to help fight evil. Sending Jake Jamison home against his will was a disastrous mistake. She risked everything attempting to defeat Andreas Borthwick. Jake might have defeated the evil sorcerer, preventing her husband’s death. When she prevents the sorcerer from grabbing her nephew, he takes her instead. To escape, she defies time to find Jake. 
The last person Jake wants to see is the young woman from ancient Scotland; the same woman who has haunted his dreams since she blackmailed him into traveling back in time. Before he could save Skye Gunn’s people, she had sent him home. Until he met Skye, his life had been normal. Quiet, and uncomplicated. No one knows he is a firebreather, except her. His ancestry is a mystery. When Skye falls into his bed—beaten, bloody and beautiful—Jake must choose to trust her, or turn his back on the only woman he’s loved across time.
Book #1
Skye encourages Jake to use his ability to help her kill the sorcerer. Stealing his heart was not part of the plan. Jake must share his secret, Skye must give her heart fully, and both must dare to love in the time they have.
Book #2
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Friday, May 31, 2013

14th Tabor Heights, Ohio novel now available: COOKING UP TROUBLE

Come back to Tabor Heights, Ohio and watch the fun as the paparazzi gather like sharks in a feeding frenzy, trying to get the inside scoop on Max and Tony's wedding.

Max's half-brother, Steve Vincente, has come back to Tabor to get to know his just-discovered sister better. He soon becomes an integral part of Homespun Theater, as well as helping Max navigate the perilous waters of being the daughter of celebrities. When he is cast opposite Audrey in Romeo and Juliet, he discovers that maybe Audrey was another reason to come back to town.

Audrey lives for two things: cooking, and theater. Being asked to help Homespun launch a dinner theater is just up her alley. She doesn't plan on the friendship and partnership that develops between her and Steve, first on stage, then building the dinner theater, then helping deflect the intrusions from the media. Having the paparazzi insinuate she's "auditioning" to join the famous Vincente family through marriage isn't half as troubling as the painful, unwanted memories and visitors from her past who crop up in her life, thanks to the unwanted publicity. She's never told anyone her shameful secrets and wounded past, but she's starting to think maybe keeping secrets is preventing her from finding a happy future.

COOKING UP TROUBLE is the second book in Year Two of the Tabor Heights series, the 14th full-length novel, published by Desert Breeze Publishing.

Check out Michelle Levigne's web site and the Tabor Heights blog for more information, excerpts, and sneak previews!

Monday, May 6, 2013


Series Update:

I have been busy working on the third book in my Highland Games Through Time series, but life keeps getting in the way. The kitchen is 90% finished (just need to choose and install a backsplash) and I keep busy with family matters (don't we all?)

So, I thought I would take a moment to
GIVE AWAY paperback copies of
This is the 2nd book in the series and was released last September. The contest is over at Goodreads and you have until May 31st to enter!

*no purchase necessary/ chooses the winners

Nancy Lee Badger Twitter me @nlbadger
DRAGON IN THE MIST, a Loch Ness Contemporary Romance, AVAILABLE HERE

Sunday, April 28, 2013


Series Update:
I have been busy working on the third book in my Highland Games Through Time series, but life keeps getting in the way (I am remodeling my kitchen, for one, and just returned home to North Carolina after visiting my elderly parents in Florida, and attending the Loch Norman Highland games near Charlotte, North Carolina)
So, I thought I would take a moment to
GIVE AWAY paperback copies of 
This is the 1st book in the series and was released last May. The contest is over at Goodreads and you have until April 30th to enter!

*no purchase necessary/ chooses the winners

Nancy Lee Badger            Twitter me @nlbadger
DRAGON IN THE MIST, a Loch Ness Contemporary Romance, AVAILABLE HERE

Sunday, March 17, 2013

The Hunt, YA fanasy series by Michelle Levigne

YA fantasy series published by Writers Exchange, including the 2013 EPIC Award finalist, "Butterfly." Children from another world are sent to Earth to protect them from a despot threatening their family. As they grow up, they find each other and prepare to return home to save their world.

Monday, March 4, 2013

LADY OF LUXEMBOURG, Curse of the Lost Isle Book 4 - Vijaya Schartz

Finally, the long awaited Lady of Luxembourg, Book 4 in the Curse of the Lost Isle series, is out in kindle!

Find it today at:

978 AD Melusine the Fae, immortal and cursed Lady of Luxembourg, managed to hide her Pagan nature from mortals for many years. She fiercely protects her handsome Count, Sigefroi, but in their princely bliss, neither of them seems to age, and a few suspicious bishops take notice. Then an ondine wreaks havoc during a battle, luring enemy soldiers into the river.
Betrayed, Sigefroi reflects on his many sins from the depths of a rat infested dungeon. Under torture, will he reveal her deadly secret? And when her beloved turns into a devout Christian, can Melusine salvage her happiness? Can love truly redeem her curse, or will she burn at the stake?

This gritty, edgy, realistic medieval romantic series is not for the faint of heart. If you like realism in your medieval novels, this series is for you. Reviewers gave it five stars and called it “bloody and bloodthirsty in places.” So beware!

The books in the Curse of the Lost Isle series can be read separately, but if you are like me you’ll want to read them in the right order. Here they are:





There is also a special edition including the first three books in the Curse of the Lost Isle in one kindle download, for a bargain price.

Find the entire series as well as my other books on my Amazon page, HERE.

Vijaya Schartz

Blasters, Swords, Romance with a Kick



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