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Friday, May 31, 2013

14th Tabor Heights, Ohio novel now available: COOKING UP TROUBLE

Come back to Tabor Heights, Ohio and watch the fun as the paparazzi gather like sharks in a feeding frenzy, trying to get the inside scoop on Max and Tony's wedding.

Max's half-brother, Steve Vincente, has come back to Tabor to get to know his just-discovered sister better. He soon becomes an integral part of Homespun Theater, as well as helping Max navigate the perilous waters of being the daughter of celebrities. When he is cast opposite Audrey in Romeo and Juliet, he discovers that maybe Audrey was another reason to come back to town.

Audrey lives for two things: cooking, and theater. Being asked to help Homespun launch a dinner theater is just up her alley. She doesn't plan on the friendship and partnership that develops between her and Steve, first on stage, then building the dinner theater, then helping deflect the intrusions from the media. Having the paparazzi insinuate she's "auditioning" to join the famous Vincente family through marriage isn't half as troubling as the painful, unwanted memories and visitors from her past who crop up in her life, thanks to the unwanted publicity. She's never told anyone her shameful secrets and wounded past, but she's starting to think maybe keeping secrets is preventing her from finding a happy future.

COOKING UP TROUBLE is the second book in Year Two of the Tabor Heights series, the 14th full-length novel, published by Desert Breeze Publishing.

Check out Michelle Levigne's web site and the Tabor Heights blog for more information, excerpts, and sneak previews!

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