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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Lois Greiman ~ Free Amazon Gift Card

This is how I envision Lieutenant Jack Rivera, the male protagonist of my latest mystery series.

And here are a few guys that readers have mentioned they think he looks like:

But I'm wondering, when you read, how clearly do you see the characters? Are they just a vague concept in your mind or are they as clear as vodka? If the plot is strong and gripping does it matter? Do you like to see the characters portrayed on the cover of the novel or does that just mess up your internal images of them?

I''ve recently published my 7th Chrissy McMullen mystery myself. And I'm wondering if readers see the characters like I do.

Here's a little information if you're not familiar with the series:

The Chrissy mysteries are about Christina McMullen, cocktail waitress turned shrink and her continuing relationship/battle with Lieutenant Jack Rivera, L.A.’s most sex-itating cop.
Rivera is in his late thirties. He’s Cherokee and Spanish, has a couple of moldering skeletons in his closet and is L.A.P.D. down to his short hairs. He’s divorced from a woman who was way too sweet for him, (unlike the smart-mouthed Christina) has a soft spot for his Mama and his dog, is smoking hot, and stab-in-the-eye exasperating.

The first 6 books were published by Random House so they designed the covers, but now that I've decided to orchestrate the 7th novel on my own the job of...well...everything...has fallen on my shoulders.

Here's the cover I'm currently using, but in this new techno world everything is so flexible. I could fairly easily change the cover at any moment. So what do you think, should I try to depict Chrissy and Jack on the cover or do I keep with the type of images Random House created for my books?

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  1. Welcome to Once Upon A Series, Lois! I love your books, always looking for new releases from you. :-)

  2. Cover??? hummm, on one hand, it is nice when covers carry the same theme, but sometimes, it's fun to 'see' the H/H. How is that for a non-answer?
    Very cool that you are striking out on your own. I see even more success coming your way.

  3. Hi Lois. I'm kind of with Tami Dee. I'm torn. Normally I would prefer NOT to have people on covers, but I have to admit I've enjoyed seeing heroes on the covers. Somehow it gives me a feel for the book. I loved your cover for An Accidental Seduction, and thoroughly enjoyed the book too. So I don't know. If you've had pretty good success with the covers Random House designed, I think I would probably go with the theme. Congratulations on all your successes! The stories all sound great.

  4. Tami, thanks so much. I can't tell you how much your support means to me.

  5. Anita, I'm so glad you enjoyed Seduction. And yeah...I loved that cover too. Ahhhhh

  6. I'm not a fan of people on the covers either. My vote is one that screams the title with the help of a graphic. I think you'll know it when you see it.

    Yay, for you taking it in your own hands. You'll do great.


  7. I can picture a few details of my characters, but not a complete physical description. It's more of a feel I get for the character and their personality.

  8. Woah, I love the eye candy! I like being able to imagine what the character looks like.

  9. The first cover guy, the one with the long hair, doesn't come across as a detective. Most are clean cut to a fault. So, if you're looking for a match, I'd pass on that one. I like the cover to reflect what's inside, but a vague outline, or sillhouette can let the reader use their imagination as opposed to a face on picture.

    Just my humble opinion. Good luck with your work!