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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Sky Castles Series

My Sky Castles series are fantasy novels set in an alternate world. There are three books

Blue and Silver - Book One
Approaching the airborne estate by transport gave Caishel a superb overall view of the grounds and showed the magnificence of the huge stone castle. She’d read in one of her ‘borrowed’ scrolls it was supposed to be a true copy of the buildings from the home of the ancients, but that was stupid! Nobody knew where the ancients had come from all those centuries ago, so how could they know what their homes had been like?
"Ms. Perkins has created a highly detailed, intricate world. At times, it reads more like a historical romance than a paranormal, but in the end, the magic is essential to the furtherance of the plot. Though at times the pacing is slow, this allows the reader a full picture of this new vista and the people who live there." -Amanda Killgore, Independent reviewer

Russet and Gold - Book Two
The feet of the creature didn’t touch the floor as it floated gracefully towards her. Lise shrank back against the bare stone wall. The spirit came abreast of her and stopped. Large limpid eyes turned in her direction. She held her breath, terrified her stepfather’s tales were true and her soul would be taken from her, leaving her an empty husk.
“Hello.” The spirit's green eyes smiled at her, although its lips didn’t move.
“Hello,” Lise gasped in response.
The spirit nodded and continued down the stairs. Lise sagged with relief and hurriedly continued her climb before the full impact of what she’d seen registered in her mind. The being’s lips remained still when the eyes smiled, and they had not moved when it spoke. The words had come directly into her brain!
“Russet and Gold is book two of the Sky Castles series. This is perhaps a tad misleading, as it's far more original than most ‘series’ type books are – with little dependence on the earlier tale (although it does revisit some characters very nicely.)Fantasy fans will enjoy Perkin’s ‘Sky Castle’ books, without doubt. 4 Books!” Long and Short Reviews

Ebony and Ivory - Book Three
A deadly plague attacks the Eos, forcing Robard and Tazia to put aside the intimacy problems in their arranged marriage. Robard organises the Dukes of Hejmen to assist in the crisis. Meanwhile Tazia becomes the telepathic holder of the Eos history and hears rumours of a lost tribe of the spirits. Their only hope of discovering a cure is to find these spirits. Failure means the extinction of both the Eos and humans.
“I quite enjoyed this book. Overall, a very relaxing read of what seems to be a pure fantasy genre. While nothing stands out as WOW, I would read more of this world and from this author. This is the third in a series but very readable as a standalone. However, I possibly would have been more pulled into the story if I’d read the first two. This book is very enjoyable but not stunning because a lot of the storyline was predictable.” 4 Tombstones, Bitten By Books Reviews

Thanks Tami for giving me the chance to promote my series.

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