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Friday, November 4, 2011

The Roarin' 20's

Book One: The Floating Palace, a historical, inspirational romance

ELLIE DUNKLING'S life long dream has been to work on one of Lake Champlain's steamboat, the Ticonderoga. There's only one problem. Men, not women, are hired to work on ships. Ellie, however is determined to change that. After all, it is 1923 and far from the dark-ages.

Captain PHILIP LAWHORN is a man's man. When Champlain Transportation Inc. informs him a woman has been hired to work on his ship as stewardess, he's anything but pleased. First, he doesn't appreciate the fact someone's hired on his twenty-eight-member crew without his knowledge. Secondly, how is he supposed to handle this company mandated -- sure to be -- disaster?



"Excuse me, captain?"

Philip whirled on his heel. A petite woman with a creamy complexion stared at him with wide, hazel eyes. "Yes?" The lady hesitated then put one foot into his room. She held out a gloved hand, which he took automatically. No matter how glad he might be for a distraction, passengers weren't supposed to be in his quarters. He made a mental note to have a word with his crew later. For now, he had to find an inoffensive way to get rid of this interloper.

"What can I do for you, miss?"

She withdrew her hand and lifted her chin. Determination sparked in her eyes, and Philip hoped what he'd heard about redheads wasn't true. The last thing he needed right now was a hot-tempered, stubborn woman -- however beautiful she may be -- to upset things even more. He took a step closer and held out his elbow. "Let me escort you back to the purser's desk to find someone to help you locate your stateroom."

The woman frowned as if he spoke a different language. Finally, she smiled. Her whole face radiated warmth that enveloped him. "I don't think you understand. I'm Ellie Dunkling, your new stewardess."

"My... my what?" So much for distracting him, she was the distraction.

"Your new--"

He cut her off with a wave of his hand. "I heard you, but I don't agree." He wheezed, "You are not a steward."

Her arched brows drew together. "There must be some misunderstanding. Mr. Trembley said you were expecting me."

Expecting her? Not hardly.

"Lady." He shook his head. "You have no idea." The situation was so ludicrous he was tempted to pinch himself. However, the only thing he was sure to wind up with was a bruise for his efforts. Before him stood an elegant woman in a long, drop-waist garment, insisting she had a place of employment... here.

If there had to be a stewardess, shouldn't it be a frumpy, gray-haired spinster with thick round glasses and a substantial waistline? At least then he wouldn't feel as uncomfortable about the dirty, difficult responsibilities she would need to carry. Nor would he have half the worry over the reputation of his crew and boat, or even the state of his heart for that matter.



"Ms. Carter must have done her research because from the very first page until the last, you feel as if you are right there with Ellie and Philip and the crew. You are given vivid word pictures of settings and the tone of this novel flows so smoothly with the time period. Ms. Carter inserted colloquial speech from that time in just the right spots and you didn't have to turn back to the glossary to refresh yourself on the definition of terms. Her prose just works, effortlessly, and stays with you long after you finish reading. I give Ms. Carter Five Stars for Outstanding Fiction¦ definitely a keeper on my book shelf. I look forward to reading the next book in this series."

Joanne Troppello -- "It only takes a mustard seed..." Blog
Rating = 5 Stars

"In this wonderful romance by JoAnn Carter, the reader is plunged into the world of 1923, where a woman may work but definitely not on a hectic steamboat surrounded by men. With three dimensional characters and a gripping storyline, this novel is a page turner and a kindle keeper. Fist in a new series, Ms. Carter once again doesn't disappoint. She leaves the reader wanting more and eagerly anticipating the rest of the books in the series."

Clare Revell -- The World Can Wait Blog
Rating = 5 Stars

"This was my first time reading JoAnn Carter and a friend suggested that I read The Floating Palace and I am so glad that I did... This is the first book in the Series and I know one thing for sure I will be reading the 2nd in the series as soon as it comes out. JoAnn Carter makes you feel like you are right there perhaps as Ellie working on the ship and her interactions with others. If you like Historical Romance then this book is for you.. An excellent job!!"

SimplyJewels -- Review posted at Barnes & Noble
Rating = 5 Stars

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Stay tuned for information coming about book 2, Mercies in Disguise. This story will be released Feb. 15, 2011 through Desert Breeze Publishing.


  1. Great series! Love the excerpt, thanks for sharing!

  2. This sounds interesting. I love when women have to fight for a place in the world.

  3. Intriguing premise. Not normally my cup of tea, but I do like historical pieces:) Cool blog!