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Friday, March 9, 2012

Enter THE CHORILLAN CYCLE -- Inspirational SF

It's here!

Book #1 of the Chorillan Cycle
A Commonwealth Universe series

From OakTara Publishing

From Michelle Levigne:
I'm delighted to announce that OakTara is now publishing the 5-book SF series, The Chorillan Cycle -- in PRINT and E versions.

Isn't that an incredible cover?

The next book, SCOUTS' PRIDE, is also coming up, to be followed by #3, BY FIRE AND STARS, #4, CHORILLAN, and the conclusion, SILVER AZULI.

Chorillan is a colony world, only a generation away from being a Rim world -- the frontier, rough and dangerous.

Now into the third generation of colonization, problems are showing up, impacting the most valuable possession of the colonists: their children. They call it Phase -- a sudden sensory overload, described by some as an allergy to anything manmade, perhaps to civilization itself.

And for some reason, the colonists of Chorillan aren't asking for help from the authorities in the Commonwealth.


That's the question that Scout Captain Ian Fieran asks, when a hunt for Gen'gineers brings his elite team to Chorillan. His investigation into Phase and other mysteries on Chorillan -- and the answer to why no one is asking for help -- turns into a quest for truth and to protect the innocent that takes his lifetime, and possibly the lives of the next generation.

So check out OakTara Publishing, the book trailers for the Commonwealth and the Chorillan Cycle on the front page, or my author page.

To learn more about the entire sprawling Commonwealth Universe, from the era of the Downfall, through Rebirth, and the adventures of the Scouts and Leapers and the Hoveni (shapechangers), visit Michelle's web site:

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  1. Sounds like an interesting series. I need to keep this series in mind.