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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Tabor Heights novel DETOURS -- on sale!

From now, Saturday, until the end of the month, Thursday -- DETOURS, a Tabor Heights novel, is on SALE for 99 cents at Amazon.

If you've been thinking about trying a Tabor Heights novel, this is probably the one. The story covers a full year in the lives of three college girls sharing an apartment, encouraging each other through trials and crises, their studies and career hopes and love lives.

What exactly ARE the rules, when you're interested in a guy, but he keeps meeting up with your roommate and ends up dating her, even though he didn't mean to, and he really wants to date you -- can you date him after he has a fight with your roommate and never goes on a second date? It's not REALLY the rebound, is it?

Find out in DETOURS, a Tabor Heights novel.
Published by Desert Breeze Publishing --

Now on sale for 99 measly cents at Amazon!

Michelle Levigne

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