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Monday, December 8, 2014

Been to NEIGHBORLEE, OHIO recently?

The new Neighborlee, Ohio book by Michelle Levigne

What happens when you combine a weird video camera (with triangular batteries), a computer programming assignment, an attack by an interdimensional invader, and the magic of Divine's Emporium?

Athena Longfellow and her cousin, Doni Halliday, find out the hard way when they learn they have the task/talent to be "guardians" for the odd little town of Neighborlee -- the weirdness capital of the United States, possibly of the world. When they start having dreams that "eavesdrop" on a recurring enemy of their town trying to break through the dimensional barriers, an overnight stay at Divine's ends up with Athena chasing a doppelganger of Doni through a weird, mirror version of the shop.

Several years later, they are still feeling the repercussions as Athena starts college and participates in an experimental computer programming class. When they use Doni as the "face" of the fictional host of a social networking site, London Holiday is born ... and the weirdness only escalates.

Who, or what, is London Holiday?

Read the book, from Uncial Press, to find out!

Other titles set in Neighborlee, Ohio include: Divine's Emporium, Have Yourself a Faerie Little Christmas, and Divine Knight. Note: The events of London Holiday take place before the other three books. and