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Sunday, December 6, 2015

Day 9 of the 20 Days of Tabor Heights scavenger hunt!

We're more than halfway through the scavenger hunt!

Yikes -- only 17 more shopping days. I'd better get to work....

*wave* to Carrie. Thanks for being so faithful and checking in every new day of the hunt.

Today's book is the last in Year One of Tabor Heights. The 12th book.

Background info: If you compared a map of Tabor Heights to a map of Berea, many of the streets and many of the major buildings, such as the university, the library, city hall, the river, the fire station, are the same. The Mission is an old elementary school, sold by the school district because population changes and demographics made it no longer necessary or useful. The actual physical building in Berea is also an old school building, also no longer used for school. The last time I looked, it was bought by the university. Here in the fictional town of Tabor Heights, it was bought by Tabor Christian Church. The old school, Loomis Elementary, is where I went to school for a few years when my family lived in Berea.

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