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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Wouldn't you love to get a FREE book?

What a DEAL!!! Get a free book -- all you gotta do is write a review on Amazon.

Until September 20, Michelle Levigne's newest Neighborlee, Ohio novel (fantasy, humor, from Uncial PRess) HERO BLUES is available on Story Cartel. If you haven't heard about Story Cartel before, it's a place to get ... taa daa ... FREE books, and a chance to win prizes, just for downloading books to read and review. Sound good to you?

Would you help out by downloading, reading, and reviewing HERO BLUES? Guaranteed you'll like it, and even laugh. Money-back guarantee (oh, yeah, that's right, you're not spending any money .... <G>)

Here's the link. Please help out -- and have some fun while you're at it???

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