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Saturday, March 5, 2016

April Release, DAMSEL OF THE HAWK, by Vijaya is in pre-order now!

I'm very excited about my new release, DAMSEL OF THE HAWK - Curse of the Lost Isle Book 7 (standalone) - Medieval Fantasy Romance. Although the release date is April 20 2016, it's already in pre-order:
1204 AD - Meliora, immortal Fae and legendary damsel of Hawk Castle, grants gold and wishes on Mount Ararat, but must forever remain chaste. When Spartak, a Kipchak warrior gravely wounded in Constantinople, requests sanctuary, she breaks the rule to save his life. The fierce, warrior prince stirs in her forbidden passions. Captivated, Spartak will not bow to superstition. Despite tribal opposition, he wants her as his queen. Should Meliora renounce true love, or  embrace it and trigger a sinister curse... and the wrath of the Goddess? Meanwhile, a thwarted knight and his greedy band of Crusaders have vowed to steal her Pagan gold and burn her at the stake...
Vijaya Schartz
Blasters, Swords, Romance with a Kick
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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

New Series Starting -- ODESSA FREMONT, Guardian of the Time Stream, by Michelle Levigne

Are you ready for some time travel, gizmos, and tough chicks? 

In April, Desert Breeze Publishing will release ODESSA FREMONT, the prequel to the Guardians of the Time Stream steampunk series by Michelle Levigne.

This could be labeled a YA, as Ess is only 14 when she decides to run away from boarding school. By the time she screeches to a halt at the end of the book -- thanks to train robbers, the Pinkertons and a bullet! -- she's worked with the Secret Service and saved President Lincoln's life (so he can run for a 4th term!) and worked for the circus. 

So what's she going to do once she turns 17? Find out about her career as a Pinkerton when she runs into the BLUE LOTUS SOCIETY in September!

Check out Michelle's website -- -- or Desert Breeze Publishing -- -- for more information!