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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

THE HUNT -- YA Fantasy Series -- EPIC Finalist

Michelle Levigne is delighted to announce that BUTTERFLY, the third book in the YA fantasy series "The Hunt," is a finalist in the 2013 EPIC Awards, in the YA category.

The EPIC Awards is for excellence in electronic publishing. This year's winners will be announced in March at the annual EPICon awards banquet in Vancouver, WA.

For information on electronic publishing, EPIC, and the EPIC Awards, check the EPIC website.

"The Hunt" is published by Writers Exchange of Australia.

What's it about?

The Hunt are children, refugees from another dimension, who have been sent to Earth by their families, the ruling clans of their world, to protect them and their Talents from the galactic despot, Gahlmorag. Given into the protection of the Hounds of Hamin, the children have been separated not only by miles, but by time -- and now they are just starting to find each other.

In BUTTERFLY, Beth remembers that she is a member of the Hunt and her future duties. As she remakes herself from overweight, clumsy, invisible geek to battle-readiness, she gains the attention of the wrong people in her high school -- including a new champion, Tommy DiCorsi, the black-garbed "bad boy" of the school. Tommy and Beth learn from each other as they stand up to her enemies ... and when another member of the Hunt shows up and complicates her situation almost beyond control.

For more information on the other Hunt stories, check Michelle's web site and her blog:

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